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The spanish Cerdanya

Cerdanya, a natural Catalan county of excellence, forms a physiographic unity defined by some orographical, climatic and historical features which grant the region a very particular character. Mainly integrated by the higher Valley of the Segre river, Cerdanya is one Europe’s most extended valleys, with a minimum altitude (about 1000 metres), with its east to west orientation, and a high dose of insolation of about 3000 hours of sun exposure a year. The mountainous shapes the Cadí Mountain Range (occidental half), the Moixeró Mountain Range and other more oriental massifs like the Tossa d’Alp and the Puigllançada, and the Pedraforca massif in the Berguedà region. Its diversity and beautiful landscape is clearly evident: from pure Mediterranean traits to alpine meadows of high altitude,...

The Capcir - Haut Conflent

In the Pyrenees Orientales, the Catalan country, Capcir and High Conflent contribute to the beauty of the Catalan mountain. It's a highland destination, ideal for all seasons ... In summer, you'll see the torrents sing and dance into the hollow rocks, sparkle lakes and the mountain vibrate under the caress of the sun. On foot, horseback or mountain bike, around the great hiking trails nearby, alone or accompanied by professional guides, our country will get an exhilarating feeling of freedom ... In winter, the atmosphere changes and the "white" presides over the destinies of skiing areas and trails for snowshoes. Guests can enjoy skiing in a prime area combines with excellent snow and sunshine. 4 family skiing resorts will open their tracks in perimeter of 20 km. Nordic skiing, Nordic...

The french Cerdanya

Cerdanya opens its doors for the fortifications of Mont Louis and the Pass of pole ( 1579m ) . True portal which connects the basins of the Tet ( Conflent ) and the Segre ( Cerdanya ) . Commonly called the lower Cerdanya , the Spanish side it is part of Catalonia , and High Cerdanya the French part , attached to the Pyrenees -Orientales. It is the most westerly but also the highest county of the department. This is one of the less populated county of Europe with 24 inhabitants per km ². Her natural climatic wealth earned him to be occupied or traversed by people of different cultural origins . These civilizations have all let their trace ( written stones, an architectural heritage richness in first order especially Romanic and Baroque) . In the North, we discover a landscape of hills,...

The Conflent

The Community of communes strong of more than 13,588 inhabitants , includes 34 municipalities : Campôme, Campoussy, Canaveilles, Casteil, Catllar, Clara-Villerach, Codalet, Conat, Corneilla-de-Conflent, Escaro-Aytua, Eus, Fillols, Fuilla, Fontpédrouse, Jujols, Los Masos, Mantet, Molitg les Bains, Mosset, Nohèdes, Nyer, Olette, Oreilla, Prades, Py, Ria-Sirach, Sahorre-Thorrent, Serdinya-Joncet, Souanyas, Taurinya, Thuès, Urbanya, Vernet-les-Bains et Villefranche de Conflent. Territory predominantly rural and agricultural Conflent extends from Rodés to Fontpédrouse and is characterized by the transition that it operates between the plain of french Catalonia and the mountains of Capcir and Cerdanya. It's divided into two entities : The lower Conflent most in east and the High Conflent most...

At the heart of the Regional Natural Park of the Catalan Pyrenees

In the extreme south of the Languedoc - Roussillon, the Regional Natural Park of the Catalans Pyrenees forms the border with Spain and Andorra on the line of pyreneans summits, in the heart of the Catalan cultural area . Mountain territory extends over 137,000 hectares, the Catalan Pyrenees offer a unique ecological diversity from 300 up to 3000 meters. Lined with majestic mountains as the Carlit, the Puigmal or the mythical mountain of the Canigou, the Natural Park has a particular mountain climate , but it is also subject to Mediterranean influences . The Catalans Pyrenees are also a territory inhabited by over 23,000 people spread over 64 villages and towns. If the three small areas that make up the Park - Capcir , Cerdanya and Conflent - welcome all people despite its altitude, is...

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